Introduction: Tissue Countdown Machine

The reason why I want to make this machine is that most of the time when I need tissues, there is not enough tissues for me. So, I decided that I need to make a machine that can count down how many tissues left in the box. If you saw that the tissue is nearly empty, then you will prepare extra tissue.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

Before making the tissue countdown machine, things that you need to prepare are:

1. A 16*2 LCD

2. An Arduino Leonardo

3. 3 male to male jump wires

4. A limit switch

5. 4 male to female jump wires

6. 2 alligator clips

7. Clay

8. A solderless breadboard

9. double-sided tape

10. A resistance

11. 2 Pin Header

Step 2: Take Out the Tissue Inside of a Tissue Box.

For this step, you need to prepare a tissue box and a cardboard box. You will need to cut down a 22.5cm*19.5cm cardboard. As shown in the second picture, you will need to take out 1/3 of the tissues in the tissue box and cut down the top part of the tissue box. Then, you will need to cut down a 9cm*17.5cm on the cardboard and a 2.4cm*7cm hole for the LCD. Next, you will stick the top part of the tissue box on the cardboard.

Step 3: Make a Box Use for Containing the Arduino and the Tissues

In this step first, you will need to have two pieces of 22.5cm*9cm cardboards, two pieces of 19cm*9cm cardboards, a 22.5cm*19.5cm cardboard and a glue gun. Second, you will stick it together by glue gun.

Step 4: Decorate the Box

Feel free to decorate your box.

Step 5: Link the Wires

Link the wire by using the picture that I provided. For the LCD part please use the wire's color to determine the which holes because I use the Arduino Leonardo, not Arduino UNO.

Step 6: Stick the LCD to the Top Part of the Arduino Container

Like the picture show above put the LCD inside the hole that cut down in the second step.

Step 7: Stick the Limit Switch on the Box.

You will stick the limit switch on the box by double-sided tape and the clay. Make sure the stick is on top and middle of the tissue pile (vertical), and the stick should not exceed half of the tissue pile (horizontal) like the picture shown above.

Step 8: Make a Hole

The purpose of making a hole is because we need to give power to the Arduino Leonardo.

Step 9: Use the Code That Are Provided

Step 10: Well Done