Introduction: To Mexican HOT Chocolate...and Beyond!!

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Have you ever sampled a piece of chocolate that was spicy?? I for one have had the pleasure of sampling chocolate bars with hot peppers. I couldn't believe how delicious it can be to combine chocolate and heat! I can only describe the sensation as a more fun way to enjoy chocolate! So when I came across a recipe that included cayenne pepper and hot chocolate, I was hooked!! I had to try it! I also knew I can trust this recipe because I'm a great lover of Mexican food in general. You will catch me eating tacos at least once a week. I trust you Mexico, let's do this! haha

In case you haven't caught my drift yet, this is a SPICY hot chocolate. The spiciness depends on however much cayenne pepper you decide to put in. If you feel cayenne pepper isn't hot enough, by all means, use a different hotter spice of your choice. That's the good thing about this recipe; it's flexible. If you don't even like spicy then omit it.

This was my first time attempting this recipe and it turned out to be nothing short of amazing. It also turned out thick. If you like thick hot chocolate, and you like spicy things, then this is for YOU. Drop everything and try this. It will take a little less than 2 hours to cook because it involves a crock pot, but the end product will be totally worth it for a cold winters' night! So let's get warmed up Mexico style!!

Serves about 5. Will take about 10 min prep, and 2 hours cooking.. Note, you WILL need to be stirring every 20 min so don't go too far. Heck who does in the winter anyways! What I did was watch an action movie under the covers and woman'd the crock pot every 20 min. Easy peasy!

Step 1: What You Will Need...

OK, so this will be so easy and those are my favorite kind of recipes! You can find all ingredients at your local supermarket. What you will need for your very thick hot chocolate with a kick...

  • a crock pot.. duh!!
  • a whisk
  • 3 cans of evaporated milk

  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
  • 3 teaspoons of ground cinnamon or one cinnamon stick will work too
  • 1 12oz bag of semisweet chocolate
  • cocoa power for dusting the top once finished
  • at least a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (the original recipe calls for a pinch) but I like to do things all the way and recommend you do too!

Step 2: Pour in Ingredients

With your crock pot open, pour in cans of evaporated milk. Make sure to shake them before opening them in case anything inside separated (gross). Then add cinnamon, vanilla extract and nutmeg.

EASY right??

Step 3: Get Whisking Baby!

Take your handy-dandy whisk and get whisking baby!! I would whisk for at least a minute. I like it to get light and fluffy.

Step 4: Pour in Your Final Contenders

wow I'm really going easy on you aren't I...

this step you add the cayenne pepper and chocolate chips.

Now add however much cayenne pepper you so desire. I say go nuts, but it's truly up to you. If you wanna do a pinch, by all means do so. Now, open your bag and pour in the chocolate chips!! Slowly now, the milk will go everywhere if you pour it all in at once. True story right here.

Step 5: Start Cooking!

Give your ingredients a final good stir then turn on your crock pot to Low and put on the lid. Remember!! You have to stir every 20 minutes or else the chocolate will stick to the bottom. So get comfortable, grab some popcorn and watch a movie.. sounds like a good night to me!

Step 6: STIR Every 20 Min

So when that movie gets to a boring part, haha or every 20 min go ahead and give your hot chocolate a good stir. Do this for 2 hours or until desired thickness. After about an hour, you will really see it turn into something spectacular! The smell of chocolate and spices will get you too ;)

Step 7: Pour !!!

So, for me it took about 2 hours. Now the Mexican hot chocolate will be done and very thick.You can always cook it thicker, just don't go past 4 hours. I recommend using a ladle to help pour it. Be very careful pouring now, this stuff is hot and I don't mean just spicy hot!

Step 8: Add Finishing Touches

Dust the top of your hot cocoa with cocoa powder. This will give it a little more chocolate flavor and it also compliments the presentation. :)

Now you are ready!! If you are drinking your hot chocolate outdoors in the freezing cold, the hot cocoa will set very quickly. It will get thicker faster, so I recommend bringing a spoon with you! I served my hot chocolate in little mugs because it is simply more awesome that way!! I hope the warm chocoate and heat, and I mean pepper heat, helps calm you and makes your evening!

be sure to refrigerate leftovers and.....

Step 9: .... and More???

Yes!! Oh I'm not done yet. After saving your hot chocolate in the fridge over night a magical thing happens. It gets thicker and far more concentrated. Well what does that mean? It means we can take it to the next level! Why... put it on some ice cream!! We gobbled it up in 5 minutes! If you think the spicy took away from the ice cream, you are mistaken. It actually went together really well! The coolness of the ice cream was just right against the kick. Another shocker for the day. Food is awesome! If you didn't make yours spicy then you need not fear. It will still be very delicious as an ice cream topper. Your chilled Mexican hot chocolate can have many uses such as...


-ice cream topper

-coffee creamer

If you can think of anything else let me know!! Maybe if you freeze it with coconut oil it can make a good ice cream shelI such as this one from doodlecraft. Possibilities may be endless!

Well I hope you enjoyed my Instructable and make this one yourself. I'd love to give you a patch for making it! :) This one is worth it!! Take care everyone!

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