Introduction: Toasted Cheesy Wraps

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Hi everybody!!
This is a little snack that we made up when my little brother was messing around and suggested that we make a toasted cheese wrap instead of a toasted cheese sandwich. It actually worked pretty well, and it was not only easy to make but scrumdiddlyumcious as well. It's child-safe so anybody can make it. Why not give it a go?

You will need -
- A Grill Toaster
- A cheese grater
- any type of solid cheese
- a butter knife
- margarine or butter
- any type of thin bread wrap
- somebody to eat them!

Step 1: Making the Wrap

Okay let's get started. Firstly, get your cheese grater and grate some cheese vertically down one side of the wrap.

Get the butterknife and spread butter down the other side of the wrap.

Roll up the wrap. It should look like photo four by now! ?

Step 2: Baking the Wrap

Okay, great job! You've made it so far. Here comes another step!
Turn on the grill and place the wrap in the centre of the hot plate. If you are a little chef's apprentice, this is the part to ask an adult for help,mbrcause the hoop late can burn you.
Close the grill cover and wait until you hear sizzling and your wrap looks like it does in picture three.
Use a spatchula to shimmy off the wrap and onto the plate.

Step 3: Breaking the Wrap!

Here are some fun ways to eat your Toasted Cheesy Wrap -
Cut it into fun shapes before grilling it.
Dip it into tomato sauce and snack on it.
For adults -
Make loads of small ones and put them on a platter plate with a container of dip as an appetiser for a dinner party.
Throw them in a container for work - they travel just fine!

Enjoy your wrap - thanks for checking out my recipe!
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