Introduction: Toasters. Concrete Napkin Holder

Easy to make, great unique gift idea, made of concrete. Toasters are napkin holders, coaster holders, or coasters. Here is how to get started.

1. Supplies
   - Concrete. Mix your own or purchase a pre mix. We used Quickrete 5000
   - Silicone and glue. We found clear quickset glue worked best
   - 3/8" rod. Can be metal, wood, plastic or even a nail. Basically any thing you have to make the connection.
   - 1 " Styrofoam, tape ... we used construction tape, but any tape should do the trick
   -  Drill, 3/8 bit, sand paper, grinder, knife
   - Cheng Pro Formula. This will enhance the concrete, but if not available try without.

2. Trace a toast image on the styrofoam. Ours was 4.5" x 4.5 inches. Cut out the toast and tape the inside edges of the negative. This allows for a clean finished mold, that will release easy. Place the cut out styrofoam on a water proof surface. We used melamine but many other household surfaces will work. Apply a thin bead of silicone to the bottom inside edges. Use your finger to smooth and remove excess silicone. This will keep your concrete from seeping under your styrofoam and create a smooth edge.

3. After silicone has cured, mix two cups (estimate) and one table spoon full of Cheng Pro Formula. Alternatively use concrete dye found in hardware stores. We used Cheng's mix due to it colour fastness and bounding properties. Add water to the mix in a small container. Mix concrete to the consistency of thick oatmeal. Mix dry at first and slowly add water. Mix for 5 minutes. Pour mix into mold and tap the bottom side with a hammer to release bubbles. We used an electric hand sander to vibrate the concrete. Smooth the top and pick out any large stones. Let dry for three days

4. After third day you can polish the top side of concrete if you wish. We used diamond polishing pads, but 60 grit and 120 grit sandpaper will also work. Drill holes ( alternatively you could have placed a plastic straw filled with styrofoam, wood dowel, or other plug 1/2 deep in the wet cement) the same diameter as your wood/metal/plastic dowel. As a guide we made a wood template and placed on top of area to drill to insure the proper placement of holes and depth.

5. Cut dowel to desired length and join concrete toast pieces with a fast bonding glue. We dry fit our project first, as glue bonded in 30 seconds. Apply a wax to your finished project and buff.

6. Place your creation in a box, with some napkins and send to a family member or friend as a gift, to toast the season!

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