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Introduction: Toddlers High Chair

This is a instructable for a toddlers High Chair. After I have been building one of those for my niece, people kept asking if I can build another one. But this project is quite simple to do it yourself, so here it goes:

I used 24mm birch plywood. This is way thicker then needed, 16mm would be fine as well. But I got it for free.
For all connections I used stair bolts with sleeve nuts (countersunk head). I have attached a Sketchup file so you can check the exact positions for them. Be careful finding the right size of the bolts and nuts, depending of the material thickness you are going to use.

After you have cut out all elements and drilled all the essential holes sand down all surfaces starting from rough to fine sandpaper, before putting everything together.

After everything is assembled you should sand down all the edges as much as you like and treat the whole chair with good wood oil (hygienic quality since the kids will eat directly from the table all the time.

enjoy building and using it!

Step 1: Cutting Out Elements

Cut out all elements from your chosen material. If you have thinner material, you need to adapt the measurements to the thickness. I have attached a cutting plan and Sketchup file so you can check for all details.

Step 2: Base Assembling

You should start with assembling the base. With the help of the adjustment bar you can adapt the stability of the chair.
 to your needs.

Step 3: Attaching the Pedestals

Step 4: Attaching the Steps

Usually you don't need to fix the steps to the chair. If you want to make sure they will stay in place use a wood plug in the end side and glue them in.

Step 5: Attaching the Seat

If you wanna make it more comfortable for your kid you can cut out more leg room in the frontside of the seat.

Step 6: Attaching the Armrests

Step 7: Attaching the Backrest

Step 8: Attaching the Leg Divider

Step 9: Attaching the Table

Step 10: Final Touch!

Sand all edges and oil the whole chair. Standard highchair cushions will fit into the seat so your children will feel great and relaxed while munching down their porridge.

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Question 2 years ago on Step 1

can i ask what angle the legs are at please?


Answer 1 year ago

I used 15 degrees


10 years ago on Introduction

Thank´s for this great file. I am having troubles downloading the .skp file, is there any ay I can get it please?

I saw something like this but it is for toddlers, so this is better for little babies.

Nice design, I will be so fun to make it and see my little nice using it.

Thanks again.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Hey Utilito,

as soon as babies can sit by themself (around 6 month) you can use this chair but in any case you should use a cushion for comfort and to narrow the space as much as needed.
Did the -.skp-file download work after all? If not I can try to fix it in here and/or send you the file via mail.



Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

I see that with the 24mm board will support a large toddler, and will work for a few years this design.

The .skp file is working perfect, I didn´t read the instructions inside the PDF file you provide, and that is why I asked before for your help, but the file is fine, Just need to read what to do with the .tmp file is able to download.

Thanks for sharing.