Toilet Paper Into a Nice Tissue Dispenser

Introduction: Toilet Paper Into a Nice Tissue Dispenser

When you don't have a tissue box around your house or cannot afford it because you are a student, this is a great way to lighten up your room using a toilet paper. Be creative. Make it your one and only.

Step 1: What You Need #1.

First find any rolled toilet paper.

Step 2: What You Need #2.

Pile up stickers from around the house. Bigger sticker the better!

Step 3: First of All...

Feel the core of the toilet paper. You should be able to separate the core with your nails from the toilet paper.

Step 4: Second of All...

Try putting your finger in it and you should be able to pull the core away from the rolls. Do this till the whole core is separated from the roll.

Step 5: Third of All...

You should then be able to pull out the entire core out.

Step 6: Fourth of All...

Find where the roll ends. You should be able to just peel it off since they are glued lightly like a regular fresh toilet paper will be.

Step 7: Fifth of All...

Pull out the inside roll and make sure it looks like this.

Step 8: Finally...

Just stick on stickers to make it 'your' look and tada! It is done! Your original tissue dispenser.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Loved this idea!!! I decided to make a little "box" for my roll of TP. A couple of sheets of cardstock and some scissors and tape and I'm done. :)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    thats cute! makes an easy cheap gift!


    12 years ago on Step 8

    i love it, so nice and simple, i will prepare one for this year's flue season.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I love this Idea....I usually have ended up using toilet paper as tissue soooo many least this way it doesn't look like you might just need to wipe your butt in the living room like a crazy person! lol


    ooh Good call! This will be a great thing to make for when I go back to college. Thanks for posting!