Introduction: Toilet Plunger Dancing Ghosts

This was a child of necessity, and heck, it turned out good.

So there I was scrolling Amazon, looking for cheap (and good) outdoor Halloween decorations. "Nope. nope. eww. too expensive. too tacky. too creepy. nope." >sigh< Dang it. Well, let's check out Pintrest!

Woah! That diy dancing ghosts thing looks neat! Hmm...dowels, floral foam balls, white tablecloth....cheesecloth? What the heck is cheesecloth? And WHY are all these seemingly cheap items so expensive???

As Thanos would say..."Fine, I'll do it myself."

...and I headed to Dollar Tree.

I couldn't find dowels, foam balls, a white fabric tablecloth, or cheesecloth at the dollar store, so I improvised.

Let's just say my sister was quite embarrassed carrying around 5 (CLEAN) toilet plungers to the cashier.

I found some orange Halloween/Christmas lights at a thrift shop, so that added a nice touch.

All in all, the whole project cost around 15 dollars (and less than 15 minutes!) to make. YES.


5 (NEW) toilet plungers (dollar tree has them for a buck each)

5 oversized plastic Christmas ball ornaments

A few strips of duct tape

5 white plastic kitchen garbage bags

Black Sharpie

1 small metal trellis (like for growing peas and stuff)

Orange Christmas/Halloween lights (more lights = bigger "fire")

Step 1: Cut the Tie Off the Bag

Cut the (usually) red tying strip-thing off of the top. Just slice off that whole edge. This will make the bag more even and square.

Step 2: Draw on a Ghost Face

Get your Sharpie and draw whatever ghosty face tickles your fancy.

Varying faces make for great results!

Make sure that the face is drawn on one of the corners at the BOTTOM of the bag (away from the opening).

Step 3: Plunge in the Plungers

I wonder what my neighbors thought as i was doing this.....XD

Use a mallet or hammer to drive the plunger into the ground until it feels sturdy enough so as to not tip over.

Step 4: The Nightmare Before Christmas (Ornaments)

Remove any top hanger/ribbon from the plastic ornament.

Place in the red sucker of the plunger and secure with a bit of duct tape.

Step 5: Repeat 4x

Drive in 4 more plungers (5 total plungers). Tape in 4 more Christmas balls.

I put my plungers about 2 feet away from each other around the circle.

The diameter of the "circle" is about 2.5 feet.

If your ghost-bags are larger or smaller, adjust accordingly. I had to play around with it so the ghosts' "arms" were spread out enough.

Step 6: The Ghost Bags on Top

Cover your strange plunger-contraption with your ghostly bag.

Do this for all the plungers.

Step 7: Tie the Hands Together

Tie the corners of the bags (their "hands") together in a tiny double-knot.

Step 8: Deck the HOWLS

Drive the cheap-o trellis into the ground and cover it with orange lights.

Alternatively, I suppose you could put one of those fake fires that fans little strips of fabric and has a light.

I didn't have a proper fake fire, but the result I got from the Christmas lights was pleasing.

Step 9: Plug Into an Extension Cord and Enjoy!

Connect the lights up to an extension cord and light 'em up!

Enjoy your cheap and easy dancing ghost, and have some laughs when you tell your friends what they're made of!


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