Introduction: Toiletry Kit Charging Station

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So I've been on this kick for a while now to find a nice portable charging station that would consolidate in a small space, all my various and sundry chargers for my laptop , cell phone, iPad and camera battery. I came up with a Roll Up Charging Station, that I like, but I also like this sweet and simple little system - basically just a fabric toiletry kit with a small powerstrip tucked in it, with a hole for the power cord, and all the chargers also tucked inside the little zippered bag.

I like that I can actually keep the chargers plugged right into the powerstrip on this one. This particular toiletry bag is pretty small - it was a giveaway at some conference. But there are so many different types of inexpensive fabric toiletry kits available that you could customize pretty easily for almost any charging needs.

This one is about as simple as you can get, and the result is suitably small and portable, and can charge up to three devices

Step 1: Materials

You need:

1) Fabric toiletry bag

2) Power strip that fits in the bag

3) Scissors

And your chargers

Step 2: Cut a Hole for the Powerstrip Cord

Cut a small X in one end of the bag, for the powerstrip cord to go through. This bag is made of a sort of foamy material, very easy to cut. I'm not concerned about any further tearing on this particular bag, but you could stitch around the X to reinforce it.

Step 3: Run Plug and Cord Through Hole

Step 4: Attach Your Chargers

This bag is pretty small, so I had to disconnect the cords from the chargers and store them alongside the plugs.

Step 5: Zip 'Er Up!

In this particular configuration, I can attach an iPad charger and a cell phone charger, and can also plug in my lap top charger. The powerstrip cord can just be wrapped around the outside of the toiletry kit.

Step 6: Charge!

To charge devices, find an outlet, unzip the bag and plug in your power strip, connect your devices and you're good to go!

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