Introduction: Toilit

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Hi everyone , 
here I'm pleased to Introduce The Toilit  ,
yes you read it right it not a spelling mistake ,
what is a Toilit you say ,
well its a led  color changing toilet  when you lift the led it turns on and when you close the led well you get the point ,


OK enough talk lets get started 

Step 1: What You Need

OK here's a couple of things you need , 

a color changing LED , 
a AG 13 battery box and AG 13 batterys ,
a bendy straw , 
wire , 
electrical tape ,
a piece of aluminum foil ,

Tools ,
Soldering gun ,

OK on to the next step 

Step 2: Putting It Together

OK its pretty simple to make  , 

you can follow the diagram above to see were to parts connect ,

take two wires and solder them both to the led and then solder the negative lead to the battery box ,
next take your foil and cut it into two pieces now take one piece and  attach it to the end of your positive lead on the led's ,
next take another wire and solder it to the positive on your battery box , 
next take the other piece of foil and attach it to the end of your battery box wire , 
now cut the bendy part of you straw and thread the led throw it , 
take some electrical tape and tape around both ends of your led ,
take another piece of tape and place it over the top of your battery box to cover the connections ,

ok almost done one more step 

Step 3: Placement and Enjoyment

OK to see were to place it you can look at the pictures for a better example , 
but i'll tell you anyway , 
 now using tape or glue ( I used tape to make sure it was going to work were I wanted it to connect ,
ok so connect the one touch plate to the backside of the toilet lid , 
then take the other touch plate and connect it to the hinge cap blow the other touch plate , 
now lift the lid and the seat and tread your led bendy straw under the seat and bend it facing down ,  
ok put the seat and the lid down and pop in the battery's and turn off your bathroom light and lift the lid on the toilet ,
you can hide the battery box behind the toilet or were ever you see fit

remember lifting the lid turns it on and closing it turns it off ,  

your done now you have your very own Toilit ,  check out the video below were it say mvi - avi and click it to see it in action ,

Enjoy and Thank you for viewing
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