Introduction: Tomatillo Salsa

If you are looking for a fresh, unique salsa recipe then this is just for you! This recipe is super easy to make and it will be the center of every party! It's super quick to make - it should take you about 20 minutes. You don't need any special skills, just be able to use a knife and a blender :) The images are to help you get some feedback so you know you're in the right place!

Step 1: What You'll Need



Can Opener

Cutting board and knife


1 large can of diced tomatoes

5-7 tomatillos (depending on size – 5 large, 7+ medium or small)

1-2 bunches of cilantro (to taste)

¼ white onion

1 lime

1 jalapeño

2-3 cloves of garlic

Cumin (to taste)

Salt & pepper (to taste)

Tortilla Chips

WARNING: Knives are sharp and can cause injury if used improperly. Use knives carefully and appropriately to avoid harm.

Blenders have moving blades that can cause injury is used improperly. Use with caution and keep out of the way of small children.

Step 2: Drain Canned Tomatoes of Excess Juice

a. Use the can opener to cut around almost the top of the whole can. Leave a little bit of the lid still connected to the can.

b. Holding the can over the sink, press the lid down over the tomatoes and hold the can sideways so the excess liquid drips out

c. Add tomatoes to blender

Step 3: Peel/wash the Tomatillos and Quarter

a. Under running water, peel the skin off the tomatillos and discard. Continue to rinse until all sticky residue is removed from the outside of the tomatillos.

b. Cut into quarters and add to the blender

*the first picture is in case you're like me and you haven't ever seen a tomatillo before!

Step 4: Rinse the Cilantro and Cut Off the Stalks

a. Clean cilantro under running water and add to the blender

b.*You can cut as much of the stalks as you want – most of the flavor is actually in the stalks rather than the leaves, so if you really like the flavor you can leave the stalks on

Step 5: Peel and Quarter the Onion

a. Cut one end of the onion off, then peel off the rest of the skin and discard

b. Add only ¼ of the onion to the salsa

Step 6: Add the Juice and Fruit of the Lime

a. *A trick to get as much juice out of the lime is to microwave it first. Put the whole lime in the microwave and set the timer for 15-20 seconds. When it’s finished take it out and roll on the counter with your hands – this loosens up the juice and helps you to get the most flavor.

b. Cut the lime in half, insert a fork into the fruit, and squeeze all the juice into the blender. Repeat with the other half.

c. *A trick I use to add extra lime flavor is to put the juiceless lime onto the cutting board and cut off a little bit of the fruit. I find that it gives the salsa just a little bit of extra delicious lime flavor.

Step 7: Rinse, Cut and Seed the Jalapeño

a. * Safety tip – before cutting the jalapeño and using your hands, rinse it off in cold water. Doing this helps avoid getting jalapeño oil on your hands from the outside of the fruit, which can get in your eyes or nose and be very painful.

b. Cut the jalapeño in half lengthwise. Cut out all the seeds and veins.

c. Add the jalapeño to the blender little by little. The fruit has the best flavor, but the seeds and veins carry the heat. Add the fruit and the seeds/veins according to how much flavor and spice is desired.

Step 8: Peel and Add Garlic

a. Place the clove of garlic on the cutting board, place the flat side of the knife on the clove, and hit the blade with your hand. This causes the skin of the clove to burst and makes it easy to peel the skin off to discard. Add fruit to the blender.

b. *I love the flavor of garlic, so I usually add 2-3 cloves, but you can add as many or as few as you want

Step 9: Add Cumin

a. *I think that the cumin is one of the most defining and unique flavors of this salsa, so I usually add quite a bit. However, it is a strong flavor, so add as little or as much as you like. I usually shake the large bottle of cumin into the blender until my arm hurts (super technical, I know.)

Step 10: Add Salt & Pepper to Taste

Step 11: Blend All Ingredients Together

a. *I usually use the puree setting on my blender

Step 12: Taste the Salsa to Make Sure It's Just Right

a. *This step is where you can add more of whatever flavors you want to be stronger and make sure there are no big chunks

Step 13: Pour Into a Serving Bowl and Enjoy With Chips!