Introduction: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Here’s my take on the Tomato cage Christmas tree
I used 54” tomato cages
200 light Christmas lights but more is better. (150 set + a 50 set is what you see in my pics)
14 gauge galvanized fence wire (enough for 3 spines the height of you cage
Black zip ties or use the bread ties that bind the lights in the box (just cut them into 2” pieces)
Electrical tape or duct tape
Linesman pliers to bend the wire
Wear Safety glasses when working with the wire

Step 1: Add Vertical Spines to the Cage

To keep the lights from pulling into the cage and “triangling” I added some vertical spines using 14 gauge galvanized fencing wire from Home Depot ($6.29). I used long linesman type pliers to bend it and straighten it.
I’m not sure the end result is worth the extra work but I wanted to try it. Once the lights are on and in the yard it really doesn’t seem to matter.

Step 2: Tape the Top

Tape the top where the vertical wires come together. I had some wide electrical tape but any kind of shipping or duct tape will work. Try to keep a cone shape to the top when you tape. Having some extra hands can help here.

Step 3: Add the Lights

If you choose to do without the additional spines, begin by wire tying the plug end at the bottom. Wrap the lights vertical at least 3 times (up, down, and the up again) before spiral wrapping the remainder of the lights. I put temporary bread ties on the lights until I was happy with the spacing. Then I used the black zip ties.
Plug it in and admire your beautiful work!