Introduction: Tomato Greenhouse for Pot Growing Tomatos

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One month ago, i published the instructable about the news paper plant pot. Now the tomatoes grow and I planted them outside on my balcony.

Because the climate here in Switzerland is still a bit cold for the tomato plants i created this greenhouse tent for my pot plants.

I made a video where you can get a overview on this project.

If you also like to make some greenhouse tents like mine, you can follow the next steps.

Already now, i'm always interested on your thoughts regarding this project. - Comments welcome ;-)

Step 1: Material You Will Need

First you will need some plants in a pot. In my case this are my tomatoes.

  • Tomato pole (I used the spirale type)
  • Plastic Foil (with a 1mx2m Sheet i was able to made 3 tents)
  • 3D-Printed parts (some wooden parts with similar shape will also work)
  • Plant Pod (with "u"shaped rim)*

* It helps when the rim of the pod is shaped in a way, that is is possible to attach the hook to it. (If yours is not like mine, you have to be creative. I'm agog to see your solution)

Step 2: Prepare the Tomato Pole

The hole in the 3D-printed head end is angled, so, that it will be perpendicular on the spirale pole.

There is a second hole, where you can squeeze hot glue in to attach the head end to the pole.

Step 3: Stabilisize the Tomato Pole

On my windy balcony, the pole is never stable enough. So i know, that i have to stabilize the pole if i will attach something to the pole.

I tie the pole with some plant tie to the rim of the pod. For this i need also the 3D-Printed parts.

  1. Cut the plant tie to length
  2. make a loop in one end
  3. fix the tie with the loop on the head end
  4. mount the hooks with a knot to the tie
  5. strain the ties with the hooks to the rim of the pot

Step 4: Cut the Plastic Sheet to Size

I used a sheet of 1x2m. But this depends on the size of the pole and the pot.

I cut the foil wile it lies doubled. with some folding and cutting along the fold, i got three parts from one sheet.

Step 5: Build With the Sheet the Greenhouse Thent

Now it is time to attach the foil to the pole.

The upper edge of the foil, has to be clamped under the loop of the uppermost tie.

The lower rim of the foil can now be clamped under the hooks.

Congratulations! You build a tiny greenhouse.

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