Introduction: Tool Stand From Scrap

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This is a heavy stand for a grinder, polisher, or what ever you need
Made from two 25 lbs weights and a piece of thick wall tubing.

Step 1: Bits and Pieces

Collect all the heavy scrap from around your shop:
two 25lbs weights,
three 1/2" NC × 1 1/2" long bolts
three 1/2 flat washers
one 3/8" NC × 2" bolt
one 3/8" fender washser
one piece of suitable tubing
drill press
drill bits
tap and die set
measuring tools
center drill
center punch
transfer punches
time.....of course!!

Step 2: Clean Parts

As decription. Clean all your parts. Working with rusty parts sucks.

Step 3: Layout Holes and Drill

First thing to do is layout how many holes you want to drill. I chose three. I am using the bolt heads as feet. if there is an un even floor in your shop this will alow to sit without rocking back and forth. Once yout holes are laid out center punch them. center drill those. Now drill at 1/2" for bolt clearance. Chamfer all holes.

Step 4: Transfer Bolt Holes

Using your transfer punches mark out three holes on the other plate. Remove top plate and center punch. Same as before center drill and drill. These are 27/64 for tap drill size. Chamfer all holes.

Step 5: Tap Holes

Tap the holes just drilled at 27/64 with your 1/2" NC tap. If you did it right the two plates should bolt together. If not drill clearance holes a bit bigger.

Step 6: Now to Hold the Pipe

With a piece of scrap I machined a plug to the ID of the pipe and the ID of the plates. I also tapped the small side with a 3/8" NC tap. I did not give dimensions as all materials you may use will be different.

Step 7: Tap the Pipe

With the same 3/8" NC tap I drilled a tapped the pipe. Not a critcal hole just needs to be there to bear down on plug to keep it in place. I used a set screw I had in my toolbox.

Step 8: Finished

So now I have a 50lbs + stand for my bench grinder that cost me nothing but time. I will also mount my polisher to this stand.
Custom bench grinder to follow in another Instructable........