Introduction: Toothbrush Holder- 3d Cad Files

On tinkercad (my favorite free cad) I am able to create different designs. A few days ago I was able to create a toothbrush holder that holds up to 4 brushes. I have designed it at the height of 5 1/4 inches.
There is the tinker cad logo on the top of the holder and underneath that; BRUSH! On the "poles" that hold up the top of the holder are small cubes. Since I do not have a 3d printer, and also do not have access to one, I am unable to print it and show you the physical thing. So for now it will stay a cad sketch.  ( File is underneath)
Thank you for checking this out. Please vote, subscribe and share. If you are able to print one please send me pics so I can post them. 
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