Introduction: Mini Toothpick Knitting Needles

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I love all things knitting and crocheting and basically anything to do with yarn. Also I've always thought that miniature things are so cute! I always like to try altering projects to get different results and one day I was thinking how fun it would be to try knitting with tiny knitting needles. Then I realized that I had the materials to make some right in my kitchen drawer. Toothpicks! That's how I came up with these mini toothpick knitting needles.

I've been knitting for many years and am always looking for new techniques to try. Although knitting with these is fun, they are a little hard to use and hold on to so I don't suggest using these if you are just starting out or wanting to learn to knit.


You will need:

  • 2 toothpicks
  • 2 matching seed beads
  • one skein of embroidery thread
  • box knife or other sharp knife
  • sandpaper
  • glue (optional)

Step 1: Pick Your Beads

Seed beads are tiny glass beads. You can find packs of them at most craft stores.

Pour out some seed beads and pick two that are the same size and color (or mix it up if you like.)

Step 2: Sand the Toothpicks

If your toothpicks are a little rough take some sandpaper and gently smooth them out. Mine were pretty rough so I used some 100 grit that I had laying around. Any fine sandpaper should work. If your toothpicks are already smooth, skip this step.

Step 3: Adding Beads

Place one bead on the end of each toothpick. Gently twist the beads on till they are tight. Take your knife and carefully cut off the excess toothpick that sticks out past the bead. I had no trouble with my beads staying put but if you are having issues just place a small dab of glue on the bead to help hold it on.

Step 4: Wind Your Thread

Now take your embroidery thread and wind it into a ball.

Step 5: Start Knitting

That's it! Grab your tiny knitting needles and start knitting.

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