Introduction: Top 3 Best Life Hacks for DC Motor

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Hello, Guys Here are my Top 3 Life Hacks With DC Motor.

I will make

1. Generator

2. Spinning Top

3. Rotating Base

Step 1: 1st Life Hack

we all have DVD VCD player in our house. some of those are working and some of those are not. so, In this first trick, I will Show you how you can generate energy from Motor kit.

1. I removed the motor kit from the DVD Player.

2. Removed the Lens kit.

3. attached the bottle chop with Hot Glue.

4. Placed a Rod For rotating.

5. Attached a LED to the motor terminal Points.

Our first life hack is ready now you can use light up the LED by Rotating the Handle.

when you are Rotating the motor then it generates electricity. That's how it works.

Step 2: 2nd Life Hack

In the 2nd part, I had made the Electric spinning top.

1. I have used a 9v Battery, DVD DC Motor, an OLD DVD, Switch, Hot glue.

2. Attached all the components as shown in the picture.

3. Turn on the switch and get ready for the show.

Step 3: 3rd Life Hack

for the third one, I have made a Rotating Base.

used a 40 RPM DC motor connected all the components as shown and that's pretty much everything.

Hope you guys enjoy this made :)