Introduction: Tornado Tubes

We love making these tornadoes. The problem we come across is doing them cheaply. Sometimes we are making them for 24 or more kids in the classroom and the costs get beyond our means. When we are truly brave we add a bit of glitter and / or dish soap for some cool affects.

Step 1: Materials

You will need

2 Soda Pop or Water Bottles of the Same Size

Duct Tape

Step 2: Label Removel

Remove the label by adding hot water to the inside of the bottle. This helps melt the glue that holds the label on the bottle.

Step 3: Add Water

Add water to one of the bottles 3/4 of the way full.

Step 4: Prepare the Tape

Using dry hands tear off three pieces of tape that are about 4 inches long.

One piece needs to be torn into three equal parts.

The second piece of tape is torn in two equal parts.

The third piece of tape is left alone.

Step 5: Connect

Connect the two bottles by putting one on top of the other with openings placed on each other.

Using the thinner pieces (the ones cut into thirds), tape the bottle lips (openings) together. This is a good start to keep the bottles together. Use all three pieces.

It is much easier to have the thin pieces to start so they hold the bottles in place and don't slip when we apply more pressure with the thicker pieces.

Step 6: Another Layer

Add another layer of tape around the first three smaller tape pieces.

The 1/2 pieces are just the right size to go around the lip of the bottles without being interfered with by the collars.

Pull the tape around the connection as tight as possible. Repeat with second piece of tape.

Make sure to seal tape by applying pressure to the connection. We rubbed are hands around the connection several times.

Step 7: Last Layer

Add the last layer using the third piece of tape, the thickest of the three.

Take the last piece of tape and center it over the previous pieces. Wrap the tape tightly around the connection.

Make sure to cover the collar on both bottles.

Seal the tape by applying pressure all away around the tape where it touches the bottle.

Step 8: Test the Bottle

Test the bottle for leaks over a sink or outside.

We have made several of these with kids of varying ages and some are bound to leak. Don't want this leaking all over Momma Cat's kitchen or worse her carpet.

Step 9: Flip and Shake

Holding the bottles by their connection tightly (water in the bottom bottle), flip the bottles over so the water is now on top.

Shake the bottle in a circular motion. This will take some practice but it will get easier to do.

Step 10: Tornado!

As the water swirls around it will begin to create a vortex and what looks like a "tornado" will appear in the bottle!

Step 11: Did That Really Work?

With all the fake things on the internet, some may wonder if we used the tape or a store bought connector. We used the tape. Sorry our hand is in the way.

Also some maybe asking -weren't we looking at a smaller bottle earlier? Yes, yes you were. We switched over to the bigger bottles so that people could see the tornado better.

Step 12: Clean Up and Enjoy

Clean up any and all water spills.

Recycle the lids from the bottles.

Enjoy your taped tornado tube!

Step 13: Things We Learned

Things that we learned

1) The bottles that crush easier are no good for this.

2) Not all Duct tape is equal. Use duct tape that doesn't curl up when tearing into the smaller pieces.

3) Test outside. We were bound to get leaks with such small kids making theirs.

Step 14: Video

Here is a video of the step by step directions with the tornado in action.

Forward to 1:51 to see the small tornado tube in action.

Forward to 3:55 to see the larger tornado in action.

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