Introduction: Tortilla Pizza

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This pizza recipe come to me one night when i was cooking pizza for some friend over at my place.

Since more people than originally planned joined, I run out of pizza dough so i had to improvise … and thus the TortiPizza was born.

The feedback was so positive I decided to share the idea with you.

The recipe for Tortilla pizza is pretty simple, we just replace the pizza dough by store bought tortillas.

For everything else just proceed as a normal pizza


  • Tortillas (I used wheat flour, but you can try other varieties)
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Tomato sauce
  • Basil
  • Other topings (be creative, i used oregano and olive oil

Step 1: Assemble Your Pizza Toppings

Place the tortilla on the board:

add the tomato sauce (I also like it with some pesto sauce)

add the mozzarella cheese

finish with some pepper and oregano

and you're done! Ready for cooking!

Step 2: Cooking

I advice you to pre-heat the oven and the oven plate.

Set the oven on the broiler/grill setting and the oven plate on the top most rack.

Add you tortilla to the hot plate and cook for 3-5 minutes the closes possible to the heating elements.

Keep a close eye and let the crust burn slightly this add extra taste.

You can also cook it on a pan but i found that the cheese didn't melt as good and the bottom tended to burn quickly

Step 3: Final Product

The final thing looks like a real pizza, and has a very crunch crust.

I found it quite tasty for such an easy recipe. All my friends enjoyed it.

Its perfect for a quick snack when receiving friends over. you can make them really fast.. and they are very tasty

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