Introduction: Tortilla Press

About: Retired Army, Dad to a young man, husband to a wife who enables my tinkering. Amateur blacksmith and modest knife maker

A tortilla, flat-bread, Naan bread or any dough that needs to be thin and flat can be pressed quickly with this simple Tortilla Press. My design is not new and is readily available from other Instructables. Mine is "special" because it was an EPIC FAIL on the first time use! 

Step 1: Tools & Parts/ Materials

Jig or Saber Saw
Table Saw
Sandpaper- 80,150, 240 grit
Files, metal and wood
Lag Bolt ( I didn't have one the right length so I cut down a longer one based on the width of my hinge point of the handle.)
Wing nut
Drill with 1/2 inch bit
Tape Measure
Carpenter Square


2 Wood plank ( at least 9 inches wide and 12 inches long.)
2 Hinges 2 inch square (ensure each side of the hinge is at least as wide as the wood is thick.)
1 Wood Dowel approximately 1 inch diameter or greater by 12 inches long.
Wood Glue (Gorilla, Titebond, & Elmer's all make good ones, just make sure it is Wood Glue.)
Wood Oil (optional, there are various opinions on oiling wood for food prep surfaces but ensure that it is a food safe oil.)

Step 2: Design Flaws and Outcome (EPIC FAIL!)

My wife recently was looking for a Tortilla Press but didn't want to pay $25-50 USD for a 10 Inch one. Instructables to the rescue: Tortilla press. by Computothought got me started. Never one just let it be, I started tweaking it. I took one of the cabinet sides, cut out the pieces I needed; sanded, sanded some more... Some wood glue, screws, a lag bolt , wing-nut and a dowel, half a day later a very nice looking useful kitchen tool!
Other pieces recycled: the feet are from a printer, attached with upholstery tacks. The hinges are from an old music CD cabinet. 

It failed at the hinge because I didn't know how strong it needed to be for pressing the dough. While my hinge saddle looked nice it was not nearly as strong as it needed to be!  The first press of the dough my wife  leaned into it and BANG, smashed her finger (sorry hun.)

Update: 30 Sept. 2013 Replace the broken upright with 90 degree brackets. They were ugly but much stronger... unfortunately my wife has opted not to use it so I'll re-purpose the parts, again.

Step 3: Finished? Not Yet... But Wait, THERE's MORE!

I will post updates as I find a suitable replacement hinge or re-make the wooden hinge support. In the meantime my wife's tortillas look like the shapes of the different states!