Introduction: Touch Free AC

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Do you have children, room mates, work in a small office or public area?  Do the AC settings seem to be different then when you set them last?  Do you hear the AC suddenly start to strain or kick into High Power Mode?  Do you come into a room and the AC is off?  Do you want to be the only one who adjusts the temperature, fan speed or mode?

The Story
All new ACs come with a remote control, which, at first, I laughed at.  Why would you need a remote?  Then I found a reason why.  After we bought a new AC and installed it the kids thought it was great to change the temperature, fan speed and just push the buttons.  That had to stop quickly.  If we were going to use AC, regularly, I wanted the AC to be set at a constant temperature and not come into the room to find the settings changed.  Do you know what I mean…?  So I designed this Touch Free AC adapter, quickly.  Every time the kids came into the room they wanted to push the buttons.  And they tried.  After about a month they stopped bothering.

1) It is Inexpensive to make,
2) It is Quick to make and
3) It Looks nice.

Step 1: Materials

1)      Clear Plexiglas,
2)      Packing tape reinforced with string,

1)      Measuring tape,
2)      Hack saw,
3)      Utility Knife and
4)      Marker.

Skill Level:

Time to Complete:
7 – 10 minutes

Step 2: Measure

Measure the area of the AC control panel.  Take the measurements of the inside area, this way the cover will close properly.  The Touch Free AC adapter will "float" over the AC control panel.

Step 3: Template

Use your marker to draw the area where you will cut the Touch Free AC adapter from.

Step 4: Cut

Use your hacksaw to cut the Plexiglas.

Step 5: Add Tape

Add tape to the edges of the Plexiglas cover.

Now your Touch Free AC adapter is finished.

Get ready to install.

Step 6: Open the AC

Gently separate the AC face plate from the AC.  The cover is held on to the body with screws and pressure clips.  With this model I didn't need to remove any screws.   Move the face plate away enough to slide the Touch Free AC adapter in place.

Step 7: Insert Adapter

Slide the taped Touch Free AC adapter over the AC control panel.  It is easier to have the adapter taped to the AC face plate and not to the control panel. 

Step 8: Secure the AC Face Plate

Push the AC face plate back into place.  If you removed any screws then replace those as well.

Step 9: Observations & Summary

You will need to use the remote to operate the AC from now on.

The benefits of this Touch Free AC adapter are:
1) It is Inexpensive to make,
2) It is Quick to make and
3) It Looks nice.
4) It is easy to remove the Touch Free AC adapter when you no longer need to have one.

The requirements of this instructable were met.  As of the publishing of this instructable the Touch Free AC adapter has been in place for 3 seasons.  I am satisfied with the results.

Then I saw, and considered it well.  I looked upon it, and received instruction..