Introduction: Touchboard With Electric Paint and MakeyMakey

A nice painting with surprising effect,
perfect to lead children to selfmade interactions.
Combines Drawing, TapeArt, Painting and
simple coding with scratch and some
perhaps selfmade soundfiles.


A wooden Board
Electric Paint (Black)
Other Acrylic colours
Nails or screws
Computer with Scratch
Some nice Soundfiles (selfrecorded or e.g. from Audioyou)

Step 1: Make a Sketch for the Painting

Make a simple handdrawing in Black and White.

Step 2: Transmit Drawing to Wooden Board

Transfer the drawing with a projection or
simple measurement onto the wooden board

Step 3: Tape the Drawing

Tape off the areas that are non black
and paint over them with Electric Paint.

Step 4: Add Colour to the Sketch

To make the picture more beautiful
you can add colors, but they are not interactive.