Introduction: Towel Rack Safe

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Here is an simple safe to hide and protect your small, but important valuables i.e. Money, Safety Deposit Box Key, Flash Drives, etc. It is hidden but in plain view, easy to access and probably the last place anyone is going to look for what you are keeping out of sight. Most bathrooms have many towel racks but only you know which one will hold the goods.

You can use this Towel Rack Safe while at home or away. Insert the items you want to protect and carry on without a concern.

Step 1: The Hiding Place and There In

The Hiding Place:
Some Towel Racks have a set screw, while others do not. You may need a small screw driver to remove the towel bar from the wall bracket.

There In:
1) *Flash Drive(s),
2) Key(s),
3) Money.
4) Anything else that is narrow or small i.e. Jewelry, Pass Codes or even Clues to a Hidden Treasure.

Skill Level:
Time to Complete:
5 - 10 min

* Future instructables stored inside.

Step 2: Open the Safe

1) Slide the towel to the other end of the Rod or Remove the towel altogether.
2) Remove the set screw if applicable.
3) Lift theTowel Rod off the wall bracket.
4) Remove End Cap from the Towel Rod.

Step 3: Insert Valuables

1) Slide in the Flash Drive(s).
2) Slide in the Key(s).
3) Slide in the Money. *Note: Fold the Money into a rectangle, use a paper clip to hold it closed tightly.
4) Slide in anything else you want.

To remove anything from the "safe", tip the Towel Rod down, anything inside should slide out.

For items that are a tight fit, you can remove the rod altogether and use a smaller rod to push the item out. The handle of a plunger may be of service.

Or you can put the tight fitting item in last so you can pull it out with your fingers easily.

Step 4: Secure the Safe

1) Replace the End Cap onto the Towel Rod.
2) Align the Towel Rod with the wall bracket,
3) Slide the Towel Rod over the wall bracket,
4) Tighten the set screw if applicable.
5) Return the towel to its original location.

Feel confident your items are secure.

Step 5: Observations and Summary

1) Slide the towel completely over the bar or leave the bar expose. Just make it look natural.
2) No need to buy any special equipment or tools. Use what already exists.
3) No renovations needed. Every home, apartment and hotel room comes with Towel Racks pre-installed.

I am satisfied with the Towel Rack Safe.

Then I saw, and considered it well. I looked upon it, and received instruction..

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