Introduction: Toy Chest or Cat Litter Box

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This is a build of a simple toy chest you can customize to fit your life. kids cat or cheapsakes everyone needs this box.

Step 1: Videos

If you have any question or want to see how its done here is the full build videos

Step 2:

Material and cut list

Oak plywood 3/4 inch by 17x44

4 1x4x8 cut at

4 1x4x12

4 1x4x35 1/2

4 1x4x14 1/2

14 1/2

for the bottom 16X 38.5

1 1x2x8 premium pine for edge banding the top

Step 3: Pocket Holes

Using a poket hole jig drill holes in all the 11 1/2 inch pieces.

Step 4: Screw Together Panels

create 4 panels using the cut pieces.

Step 5: Round Over the Outside Edges

using a router table with 1/4 inch round over bit round over the outside edges. screws should be facing up on this process.

Step 6: Route the Insides

flip the piece over screws down on the table. change out the bit to a 1/4 in rabbit bit use the 1/4 panel and a gage for the height of the rabbit.

Step 7: Insert Panels

insert the panels cut to size on the table saw. add glue and i used 1/2 inch staples and it worked great i planed on painting the box so I placed the unfinished side to the outside

Step 8: Screw the Box Together

At this point we make it look like a rectangle and you can see it turning into a piece of art! i used pocket screw again to secure it.

Step 9: Cut the Top to Length and Width

i like a little over hang on each of the sides and front so i cut the oak ply exactly to the size of the box then add the preimuim pine to the sides and front using my miter sled. as you can see from the picture i cut the 1x2x8 in half long ways so the 3/4 inch or so.

Step 10: No Nails

I do not use nails or screws or staples to secure the edge banding because i want to route decorative edges on it and dont want to damage my router or bits. i use a cove bit to add a simple but elegant edge

Step 11: Round Over the Under Side

i then use the 1/4 inch round over bit to round the under side of the lid

Step 12: Sand Sand and More Sanding

but not to much cause the plywood veneer is thin i used a 80 grit to get teh edge banding to the top then use 320 on the top to get a great finish

Step 13: Stain the Top

I used an ebony stain with a clear satin poly finish applied with my spray gun finish was amazing.

Step 14: Paint the Box

i used the spray gun to paint the box as well

Step 15: Add Feet

I had scrap oak i stained to match the top.

Step 16: Add the Hardware

Step 17: Add Cedar to the Bottom for a Special Touch

Step 18: Customize and Make Them Your Own

i made 4 at once made 2 into cool cat litter boxes

1 with fabric top and the other with oak top

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