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Introduction: Toy Excavator

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After the upgraded dumper:

I made this for my boy's birthday gift. He need a group of sand pit toys. So I spent totally two week to model this.

I took reference to a real excavator. The crane bucket could act like a mechanical shovel dipper. He got to learn the principle of mechanics.

Step 1: You Need a 3D Printer First. There Are 60 Stl Files Will Be Loaded, Separated Into 4 Colors: Black, White, Yellow and Red. for Your Convenience, I Made a Indicator Table Below:

Step 2: All the Stl Files Are Classified in Four Colors:

Each track need 9 small wheels & wheel nails & 2 big wheels.

All print within the layer height 0.2mm, lager parts print within 50% infill, small parts should need a solid infill more than 70%.

Step 3: Body Work:

The body should fit the chassis slot.

Step 4: Install the Tail Lamp.

Insert it into the back part of the excavator, here might need some glue. Make sure the spindle part is able to whirling. Then insert the top engine.

Step 5: Install the Vent-pipe.

Step 6: Insert the Joystick Into the Cockpit Before You Set the Sit.

Step 7: Track Parts: Install the 7 Small Wheels and 2 Big Wheels

Afterwards put it on the assembled track(5 times of the original stl file 'track'):

Step 8: Fasten the Enclosure Into the Underpan.

Then the bodywork is done.

Step 9: Bucket: the Most Complicated Step.

Put the nail and nut on the crane arm. Same to the parallelogram structure, each transition point need a parallel part.

Step 10: Bucket Axle Structure

Step 11: Insert the Piston.

Step 12: The Bucket Is Mobilizable. the Add the Same Piston on the Second Joint:

Step 13: Fasten the Bucket Arm on the Chassis at the Same Time.

Then the excavator is complete. Congratulations!

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    4 years ago

    hello how to download stl file


    Question 4 years ago

    Amazing! Which 3D printer do you use? The finish quality is astonishing!


    7 years ago

    Awesome work! How much weigh it?


    7 years ago

    Cool project, i dont have a 3d printer:(

    Phil B
    Phil B

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Do you produce the files that guide the 3-D printer, or did someone else produce them? I expect the average user would be dependent on downloading printer files someone else produced.

    I have not tried 3-D printing. The photo shows a steel toy truck I made from the outer skin of our old washing machine, among other things. (It is about 14 inches long and 5 1/2 inches high.) I described it in six Instructables. The first can be found here. Each contains a link to the next Instructable in the series. I had no plans or pattern, only some photos on the Internet of 1920s Mack AC Bulldog trucks to guide me.

    This was a birthday gift for my 3-year old grandson. I am planning to make a companion replica 1920s era steam shovel to go with the truck.

    I appreciate your digger. But, I do also like the old school, figure it out on your own, use what you have on hand from a scrap pile approach I used with the toy truck.