Introduction: Toyota Lexus Scion Boot Trunk Lift Lid Hatch Tailgate Liftgate Switch Latch Release Button Rubber Cover Replacement Fix Repair Kit Install Instruction Guide

The Problem

It is common for the boot / trunk rubber button to deteriorate on these vehicles.

It is very common for the trunk / boot button rubber on these vehicles to fail. The poor-quality OEM rubber is not suited to the varying temperatures that this part experiences. The part is prone to melting in the summer and hardening in the colder months. Inevitably the part starts to deteriorate- leaving sticky residue on your hands when pressing the button or melting away completely. Previously this necessitated replacement of the entire button unit; not only is this expensive and more time consuming to fit it would also ultimately fail again.

Symptoms of the fault

Rubber button sticky, melted, melting, dissolving, gummy, disintegrating, breaking down, gooey? Parts of the rubber / black marks and residue sticking to fingers when pressing the button?

Vehicles affected and compatibility


GS300 2006

GS350 2007 – 2011

GS430 2006 – 2007

GS450h 2007 – 2011

GS460 2008 – 2011

LS460 2007 – 2012

LS600h 2008 - 2012

RX330 2004 – 2009

RX350 2007 – 2009

RX400h 2006 – 2008


4Runner 2003 – 2016

Camry 2007 – 2011

Prius 2004 – 2009

Sienna 2004 – 2010


tC 2005 – 2010

xB 2004 – 2007

Associated part numbers:

84905-47010, 84840-21010, 84840-47020, 84840-35010, 84840-08010, 84840-33090, 84840-20010.

Our solution

Install our replacement rubber button, save the cost of a complete new unit.

Using our repair kit there is no need to replace the entire button assembly, not only is this expensive and more time consuming than replacing just the rubber it will also fail again.

Our repair kit allows you to replace just the rubber part that fails with our improved material part. This can be installed in situ with no need to remove the complete switch unit saving time and money. Our part is a direct fitment check out our instructions and videos to see how easy it is to fit.

We also include an offset screw driver this is needed for successful install due to the angle of the screws. Our complete kit allows you to repair this part quickly and cheaply, say goodbye to black goo when opening your tailgate.

You will receive

1X Brand new improved rubber button

2X Black flange screws

1X Offset screwdriver

Step 1: Release Screw Covers

Release x2 black plastic screw covers; this can be done with your finger nail or a small screwdriver.

Step 2: Remove Retaining Screws

Remove x2 retaining screws.

With some vehicles it will be necessary to use our offset screwdriver due to the angle of the screws. When using this put pressure on the base of the screwdriver to avoid slippage when removing the screws.

Step 3: Remove Button Unit

Use a plastic pry tool or a screw driver to lever button unit out of position, if using a screw driver we advise masking around the button to avoid any damage to paint work.

Lever from the far left corner and continue levering moving right until the unit is released.

Step 4: Remove Old Rubber

Remove the old rubber button, this can be levered away from the button unit by hand. You will often find the button is very sticky- take care to remove all remnants of the old rubber before installing the new button.

Step 5: Fit New Rubber

Fit our new rubber button. Locate on to the button unit ensuring all 4 sides overlap and don't bind.

Step 6: Push Back in to Position

Push button unit back in to position.

Step 7: Refit Screws

Refit the screws and tighten. If the original screws are damaged replace with our new black screws.

Step 8: Refit Plastic Screw Covers

Refit the plastic screw covers.

Test button function.

This completes the repair. If you need any further guidance on this install or would like to purchase the parts shown please call us on +44 01843 446643 or email us at Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube. Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional. All images and texts are copyright X8R Ltd 2018.