Introduction: Tract Holder

These are instructions to make a holder for tracts (or other papers) that are 9" x 3.5". This holder holds approx 20 tracts.

Step 1: Items Needed

  • Cardstock (12" x 9.75")
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue gun (and glue)
  • Fabric (outside pattern should measure at least 13" x 10.5", inside pattern should measure 4.5" x 10.5")
  • Button

Step 2: Fold Vertically

Make 2 vertical folds in the cardstock, inward, to make 3 sections measuring 4" each

Step 3: Fold Corners

Fold corners inward so they are even to the vertical crease on their panel

Step 4: Inside Fabric

Lay the inside fabric on the center panel

Step 5: Flip and Glue

Flip the whole thing over. There should be a little bit of overlap where the inside fabric hangs over the top and bottom. Add a small strip of hot glue to the top center of the cardstock and stick the fabric to the cardstock. Repeat this step at the bottom of the cardstock

Step 6: Add Outer Fabric

Lay out the outer fabric and place the cardstock (right side up) in the middle, allowing for some extra material on all sides.

Step 7: Adhere Outer Fabric

Fold a seam along the top of the outer material. Glue the center panel of the seam together, leaving the side panels loose for now.

Step 8: Fold and Glue Corner

Holding the outside fabric taut, fold in the corner and glue down.

Step 9: Glue Sides

Glue outer edge of the fabric to the cardstock. Be careful about folding the edges; make folds face down so tracts won't get caught on the edge as you slide them in.

Step 10: Repeat

Repeat steps 8 and 9 on other side

Step 11: Adhere Lower Edge

Glue lower fabric seam to bottom edge of the cardstock, keeping clean, crisp corners

Step 12: Adhere Panel

Fold one panel over the center and glue the bottom seams together along the inside on the very edge.

Step 13: Finish

Fold and glue down the other panel. Glue button on. Voila!