Introduction: Tractor Trailer Clutch Pedal Double Clutching Trainer and Prank (April Fool's)!!!

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For those of you that work for an entry level trucking company, are you tired of your students pushing the clutch pedal too far and rattling your brains out when they shift?! I know i i decided to make an Ible about how to correct this...

This instructable can also double as a prank on your team mate if your a team

here is the story on this project...i became a trainer in october 2012. when i was in CDL training in may 2012, one of my instructors had taken a t-bone steak dog squeeker toy, and strapped it onto the arm of the clutch pedal in a manner as for the toy to squeak when the clutch pedal was pushed in too much...this really trained we for those who didnt get the idea in silence...and when i became a trainer i decided to do this trick to help my students recognize when they are pushing the clutch pedal too far.

SOOOO...without further adue, please enjoy the fruits of my labor in making this project!!!

Step 1: Materials

The materials for this project are cheap and simple...

1) A squeaky dog toy that will fit under your clutch pedal (in this case i used a bone shaped one).
2) Electrical Tape
3) Zip Ties
4) A student to teach or a team mate to prank

Step 2: Find Grab Point

First you will need to find the grab point of the do this by putting your foot on the clutch pedal. In a Freightliner, the "Slack" you feel till the pedal feels firm is not meaningful...because the clutch is operated hydraulically and not mechanically, there is slack. Now usually the grab point for the clutch is roughly 1"-2".

Step 3: Align and Install

Now is where you will attach the toy to the clutch pedal. Position the toy so it is the proper distance from the firewall (this is where the grab point would be). Take your electrician's tape, and criss cross bits of tape untill you are satisfied that the toy is secure and will ensure maximum squeakiness and funny factor. if your using zip ties make sure they are long enough to wrap once around one section of the toy at a time. criss cross ties, and make sure the toy is firmly secure.

Step 4: Voiala!!!

Now your training aid/april fools joke is complete!! all you have to do is wait for the unsuspecting victim.