Traffic and Exit Lights

Introduction: Traffic and Exit Lights

About: Architectural Designer and Volunteer Firefighter

So I had an old traffic light from who knows where and decided to take it apart to see what the inside looks like. It was actually super super simple, just light bulbs in a reflective semi-sphere, like a flashlight. I did some easy rewiring and now each of the light bulbs works again! It was a very easy project. My friend asked me to make his exit sign light up and I found some led light bulbs that are commonly used in exit signs online. They were pretty cheap and already came in red. I had to take the sign apart, drill a hole for the power cord and just wire the lights to a power cord.  After doing this, I realized the LEDs were too bright and the letters needed contrast to make them pop out. I cut a cereal box to the size of the sign and traced out the letters and cut them. It made a huge difference when it was plugged back in. Hope you enjoyed!

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