Introduction: Trampoline Mulch Pad

In this intractable I'm going to teach you how to transform an ugly weed patch under your trampoline into a pretty trampoline mulch pad. It is multifunctional, it helps prevent weeds, it helps absorb water when it rains a lot, it is a good spot to put your shoes when you get on the trampoline, and best of all it allows you to put a sprinkler under the trampoline so it's like a splash pad.


What You Will Need:

  • Shovels
  • Weed Liner/Landscape Fabric
  • Stakes for Liner
  • Mulch Bed Edging
  • Stakes for the Edging
  • Mulch
  • String
  • Spray Paint
  • Pole
  • Weed Wacker/String Trimmer(Optional)

Step 1: Marking Your Circle

First you want to start by marking a circle the size that you want to make the trampoline mulch pad. I have an 11ft circular trampoline so I wanted to make the mulch pad go out 1ft more around the edge of the trampoline, so I made a 13ft trampoline mulch pad. So, depending on the size that you want you should divide it in half. So, half of 13ft is 6 1/2ft, so create a string that is the right length for whatever half is for you. Next, tie that string to a pole and stick it where you want the middle to be. Now, start walking around in a circle with the string and spraying the grass with spray paint to create a perfect circle. When you come around it should connect, and now your circle is complete.

Step 2: Turfing

Now, that you have your circle start with a flat edge shovel and edge the circle. Then you can start using a normal shovel and turfing up the grass. After your done with turfing, spread the loose dirt to level the ground.

Step 3: Preventing Future Weeds

If you want to avoid weeds growing up out of your trampoline mulch pad lay down some weed liner/landscape tarp and cut to the right shape. Once it is all laid out, start staking it in to the ground.

Step 4: Edging Your Trampoline Mulch Pad

One of the last steps in making your mulch pad is putting down mulch bed edging, to always keep a nice crisp edge. This can be done by laying it down around the edge of your circle and simply staking it in. Now you are ready for the last step, mulching.

Step 5: Mulching

The final step in making a Trampoline Mulch Pad is to mulch it. I decided to not mulch it too high so when I mow it doesn't kick up onto the grass. Also, it is less mulch you have to buy. Hope you enjoy your Trampoline Mulch Pad!

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