Introduction: Transform Your Laser Pointer to a "spot-flash Light" :)

Hi ... in this ultra easy instructable I will show you, hot to change your laser pointer to a (spot) flash light.

Parts you need:

1. laser pointer
2. camera lens from small "SPY" camera
3. glue gun or tape

And that's it :) ... just fit the lens to your laser pointer and you have a flash light. Have a look on the pictures.

Step 1: Results and Thoughts ...

I add two pictures, just for imagination, how powerful this laser/flashlight is. These two pictures have been taken from 5 and 4 meters distance - in complete dark.

I think, for such small 5mW laser it's really powerful. I could see my garden table with chairs that are cca 30m from my window. Have a go ... and you will see.

What I'm planing to do ... to make a small IR illuminator for my night vision. Right now I'm bidding on ebay for 2 IR diodes ... so, lets hope it will not overcome my budget for that project. Any way, my idea is to use these 2 IR diodes to illuminate the distance area ... and use one IR LED diode to illuminate the surrounding area. And these two IR laser diodes would be pointed at one point/centred on the distance of 15m or 20m.

* other advantage of this laser/flashlight is - that it produce focused light ... so it is not that easy to spot it from the side (the same like laser).

Hope, you enjoyed it. Thanks.

P.S. : I did a small experiment with my solar panel (from a small solar light) ... And this light could produce over 70mV.

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