New - Improved : Homemade Fisherman's Boots, Waders, Wellingtons/wellies for Walking in Water




Introduction: New - Improved : Homemade Fisherman's Boots, Waders, Wellingtons/wellies for Walking in Water

Hello again. Here is my another idea, when it comes to HOMEMADE boots to walk in the water.

Maybe you have seen my first instructable I think it's good, but not long lasting. That's why I came with this idea.

Again, it is very cheap ... less then 1GBP :)

Step 1: What Do You Need :

You will need these items :

1. foil (for green houses)
2. iron
3. cardboard and normal paper
4. wood
5. knife
As in the first instructable about waders ... you will need some "Crocs"v as well - to put on this boots.

Step 2: Let's Do It ...

As first, fold the foil in half ... here you should decide, how high will the boots be and what size.

Step 3: Prepare Wood ...

Prepare the wood for ironing = place the cardboard paper over the wood.

Place the ends of the foil over the cardboard paper.

Step 4: Cover It ...

4. Cover the foil with normal paper.

Step 5: Start Ironing ...

Start ironing ... my iron was set on MAX ... and I was ironing between 10-15 seconds.

Be careful, do not use the iron to long, because you will burn the foil and end up with a burned hole in your new boots !!!

Step 6: Finish

You should end up, with something like this. As you can see, you will create 4 edges with this technique.

Use your knife to cut the remaining foil.

Step 7: Final Product...

And here is the final product - your new waders :) ... DO NOT forget to put them inside the CROCS, so your feet and the foil are protected from sharp object at the bottom.

I tested them, and they work perfectly. Later, I will post a picture, in the water (because there was no one, who could take the picture today).

Thank you ...

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    These look as if they would work best in water that was no more than knee-deep, where your original waders look as if they work in water that is quite a bit deeper than that.  Besides, these aren't quite as, um, fashionable as the originals.  Better keep both on hand, just in case!

    Thanks for cheering up my morning!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I like the technique, I've got some sheet that'd go right-up past the knees, but nothing that deep to wade in... L