Introduction: Fan - Chandelier

The blog is about creating a fan chandiler From old table fan. This is very simple project

Step 1: Collect Old Table Fan

I collected Components like :

  • Old table fan
  • Aluminum pipe 2inch (40cm)
  • plate washer 6inch
  • Screw Bulb Holder =4nos
  • Halogen Equivalent Industrial Pendant Edison LED Bulb (2700K Warm White) - Pack

Step 2: Creating the Bulb Holder Stand

Removed every parts of the fan from its cover and painted the cover with black paint.For holding 4 bulbs inside the fan cover i created custom holder with Aluminium pipes and a plate washer. The dimensions and shape of the holder are shown above. Welded the parts together as shown in the picture

Step 3: Bulb & Holders

Step 4: