Introduction: Transforming Post-It Note Ninja Star

This is an 8 point ninja star that you can make out of any 8 pieces of square paper (Post-it notes are just convenient and about the right size)

P.S. Sorry about the Purple Post-its but I didn't think the yellow would provide much contrast, and please disregard the incorrect time stamps.

P.P.S. this is my first Instructable so be gentle. ;þ

Step 1: The Prep

You will need 8 Post-it notes for each star and with each you will be making the following shape.

Start by folding the Post-it note (sticky part on the top) in half away from the sticky side then flatten it back out

Then fold the 2 sticky corners to the center (like making a paper air plane) this should cover the sticky area so it wont be a pain later. Now fold in half along the crease

The next step is not hard but it's kinda hard to explain via text so hopefully the video or images will do it, but basically you are going to valley fold the square end into it's self so you end up with a sorta wonky diamond.

Now repeat 7 more times.

Step 2: The Assembly

Take two of your segments we will call them "PieceOne" and "PieceTwo" take the pointy end of PieceOne and place it in the valley created on PieceTwo. You should now have two 1/4 inch pieces of PieceTwo sticking past the edge of PieceOne we will call them "Tabs" just fold the Tabs into the valley on PieceOne this should hold them together.

Now repeat this process for the rest of the segments by placing the next segment into the exposed valley of the assembly, the last one will complete the circle.

Step 3: The Transformation

The Transformation

Ok this is the fun part if you gently press in on the sides they will slide to the center (like an old school camera shutter) leaving 8 points of Ninja slicing goodness exposed.

I supposed I better give the token warning about not throwing this at anyone, so here we go.


That being said, it really doesn't fly that strait anyway, so even if you did chuck one at your co-worker you more then likely wouldn't hit them.