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A while ago I built this desert and snow transportation sledge. I originally built this for the desert and the beach because where I live the desert and the beach has very fine and soft sand. The sledge can easily be pulled across sand or snow . I would'ent recommend driving it in rough sand as it will scratch the skis and it wont slide as easily if they're scratched. This sledge is nearly entirely out of scrap wood it costed me hardly a few bucks. It is very easy to store in a small area and can easily fit into a large car. If you want you could also add a coat of paint .

Things I used for this project:
Wooden transport box ( originally for wine)
Pair of skis cut to the right length
Some planks of scrap wood
Small leather pouch (old from the military)
Variety of screws some Rope
Wood glue
A hook
Heavy duty velcro
A small light chain from a promotion toy which have different patterns of flashing
Probably a few other things I forgot

Electric drill and screw driver
Sand paper
Metal saw (for the skis)

Step 1
Making this was actually very easy first I screwed the two wood planks across the front and the back then I strengthened it with a bit of wood glue.The hook will be screwed into this plank.

Step 2
Next I screwed a equally sized plank across the 2 linking then together. If you make this make sure it is nice and flat and even.

Step 3
Before I started I cut the skis into the right length for the sledge.

Step 4
next I screwed the leather pouch on the back of the sledge.

Step 5
Then I drilled two small holes diagonally into the wood here the antenas for the glow sticks or if you want a flag

Step 6
Next I attached the heavy duty velcro onto the wood and and the skis 
it didn't stick on the wood so I added some screws with washers to strengthen
it and to stop sand from filling up the little gaps in between the wood and the
velcro Which happend in the first beach test.

Step 7
Then I attached a hook into the front plank and attached a rope to pull it.
I had a extra carabiner lying around so I attached it at the end .

Step 8
Next I took a a small block of wood and drilled a hole in it .Then I got a small bit of rope and made a loop through it. After that I screwed to screws from both sides into the the wood securing the rope into the wood.

Step 9
Next I carved out the middle of the front plank and glued in the leds and the light switch I would'ent recommend doing this because I it brakes it will be in the way and it will brake quite easily in the sand with thinks crashing onto it.

So thats how I made my desert, beach and snow sledge I've tried it out in the desert and on the beach and it works great especially if its full.

Thanks for reading
my Instructable.

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