Introduction: Trash Funnel

Have you ever tried to toss a trash into the trashcan?

Maybe all of you tried that and irritate because of missing the target unless you are pro baseball player.

We designed a simple gadget to solve this little problem.

This gadget won't take more than 15 minutes to make and everyone can make that.

This design is not only cheap and simple, but also you can enjoy comfortable and convenient lives.

I was not good at toss a trash but now I enjoy tossing a trash every day.

Step 1: Prepare Materials and Tools

・plastic board 60×60×0.5cm

・a bolt and nut M5×10mm

・the common trash box is enough for the materials

・utility knife



・color pen (if you want)

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting Plastic Board

Hold the plastic board to overlap the two bottom corners to make a funnel.

And make a diamond and mark the edges.

Then a diagonal of the diamond becomes about 10cm.

Mark the diagonal with a pen and cut a rectangle of about 5cm×1cm with a utility knife.

Step 3: Make a Back Board

Pass bolt and nut through the part piled up in the rectangle.

Thereby, it can change the size of the exit and accommodate a various trash box as shown in the video.

And insert this back board into a trash box.

Step 4: Enjoy Tossing a Trash!

Using the back board, you can toss a trash into a trash box easily as show in the video.

It is very useful to keep your room clean.

In addition, this back board can be fun.

If you paste a picture of a darts board on the back board, you can play darts game in your room.

if you paste a picture of nemesis, you can relieve stress without braking something.

OK, Let's make your trash box a special one!

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