Introduction: TrashHookLifeHack

This device is used to allow people with a hand related disability to tie a trash bag using only one hand. It is designed to simply rest on the side of the trash can for ease of use.

Step 1: Printing

To print the object, one must acquire the design file and save it with the extension "stl". This file will allow the printer to acknowledge the design and print it. Once printed, the design requires no further construction. You simply have to print it, and use it.

Step 2: Placement

To attach the hook to the trash can, you simply lay it over the side. Take the side that has the longer end and place either "prong" over their own sides of the trash can. Once you have the hook on, attempt to see how sturdy it is by placing the trash bag on it.

Step 3: Tying

To tie the bag, simply place one strap on the hook. Take the other strap, and wrap it around the first. Then, while still holding the second strap, pass it through the first and pull. Do this until bag is sufficiently tightened, then remove the other strap from the hook. Once done remove the hook and bag from the trash can.