Introduction: Trashcan Bag Band

How to solve a pesky kitchen issue

Step 1: Supplies

I decided to fix one of lifes pesky annoyances. Weve all been there-we dump a shovel full of leftovers in the trash only to have the bag fall in. Now i know they make giant rubber bands for this but mine kept breaking. So heres what i did n what u need to do.
Get a set of shoelaces. Any. Now see if one can make it around the outside of ur can. If so great. If not just tie the two together. Youll also want a good thick rubber band. Youll see i used two rubber wrist bands. (They are so much better than rubbernands.

Step 2: The Measuring

So youve gotten the shoe lace around the can. Now what you want to do is make a mark at excatly where they would overlap. Now behind that line go about 4 inches or so (this may vary depending on the size of your rubber band) Cut on that line.

Step 3: Assemble

I tried rubber bands at the point but they always dried out n broke eventually thus defeating the purpose. So i grabbed two of those wrist bands that u get to show your support for whatever, ie weightlifting, cancer, autisum, the kind Lance Armstrong wore. I used two just to reinforce the bands and it gave a tighter fit. Tie the rope to one end of the bands. Now go to ur trash can and see if the rope touches the band without stretching it. If it does you simply cut another inch or two off. When you get the proper size and are ready to see it work just tie the other end of the rope to the band and see if u can stretch it. It should be snug but not HeMan snug. You can always cut more rope off if its loose. Thats it! Ive had mine for about two years without a single bag falling.