Introduction: Travel Pillow in Rainbow Colors With Thermocol Beans

Required: News Paper, Pencil, scissor, Some colourful waste cloths and a sewing mechine.

Step 1: Take an Half Size Newspaper and Fold at Center

Step 2: Draw an "U" Shape As Shown in the Image

Step 3: Cut the Paper With the Scissor in the Same Shape

Step 4: You Get This "U" Shape When Expand the Paper

Step 5: Take Some Cloth Pieces Similar to Rainbow Colors

Step 6: Colors Like Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

Step 7: Adjust All Cloth Pieces to Fit the Size of U Shaped Paper, and Stitch Them All Together

Step 8: And, Put the U Shaped Paper on the Cloth

Step 9: Make a Cutout of the Cloth

Step 10: Create Another One of the Same

Step 11: Stitch at the Edge, Joining Both Cloth Pieces

Step 12: Do Not Stitch at One Edge, and Make Inside Out

Step 13: Looks Like This When You Pull Inside Out

Step 14: Take Enough Quantity of Thermocol Beans and Fill It From Open Hole of the Cloth, and Stitch the Open Area to Finish the Travel Pillow

Step 15: Video on How to Make Neck Pillow (Travel Pillow) in Rainbow Colors With Thermocol Beans (Thermocol Granules)

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