Introduction: Travel Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is an awesome travel game that can keep children and adults alike occupied during the hours of a road trip. With a little felt and creativity I was able to make an awesome reusable travel tic tac toe board that doubles as an extra bag as well!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to create my tic tac toe travel board

Felt - I had four sheets and 3 different colors




Sewing Machine

Step 2: Sew Drawstring Edge

Start by sewing a space for the drawstring.

For each piece of black felt take one side of the felt and fold it over about 1"

Sew the folded edge at the end and you have a looped end where you can thread some yarn through

Step 3: Sew Tic Tac Toe Board

After sewing the loop on one end its time to sew the tic tac toe board.

This consists of making 4 straight stitches on the body of the felt in the shape of a #.

It is easiest if you use yarn of a contrasting color to the background so it is easily seen.

Step 4: Sew Together Bag

Now that the tic tac toe board is on its time to shape the bag.

Start by laying the two pieces of felt on top of eachother so that the seam on the looped end are on the same side and facing out. This way when you flip the bag the seam edge will be hidden in the bag

Sew the three sides of the pieces of felt together. (Do not sew the looped side)

Flip right side out when complete

Step 5: Cut Out Tic Tac Toe Pieces

Once the bag is done all you need are the tic tac toe pieces.

I cut out 6 X s from the red piece of fabric and 6 O s from the orange piece of fabric.

I cut all my shapes using a stencil I made beforehand to keep the pieces uniform.

Double check to make sure the pieces fit on the tic tac toe board and trim pieces accordingly.

Step 6: Add Drawstring

Finally its time to add the drawstring to your bag.

I used 2 pieces of yarn about 2' long. I also created a makeshift needle out of wire to make it easier to thread the yarn through.

I started by pulling one piece of yarn though one top loop. Then I pulled that same yarn back through the opposite loop. This will allow for the yarn to close the bag when pulled.

To add the second string I used the same technique but started on the opposite side of the bag so the ends of the yarn would come out the opposite side. This technique created a great new drawstring bag.

Step 7: Go on a Roadtrip!

With the drawstring in place I was done with my awesome road trip toy. Now all I needed to do was go on vacation and try it out!