Introduction: Traveler's Bookmark Pen

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Back to November 2019, I had scheduled a trip to Greece. While waiting for the date, I was thinking what should I bring on that 9 days trip. Although it is time for eBook, I still love holding conventional novels and magazines in my palm, one reason is keeping my smartphone away for a while.

Then I thought I might need a pen along the way to fill forms at the airport or hotels or taking some notes on the traveler's map. So the idea was make something thin enough as a bookmark and also comfortable to use as a pen.

This is it. Traveler's Bookmark Pen that also fit in your card space in wallet.

Step 1: Yes, You Need a 3D Printer

  • Designed with FreeCAD to be printed as one piece
  • Time : Aproximately 1 hour
  • Layer height : 0.2 mm
  • Infill : Doesn't matter. Set it 20% is okay
  • Speed : Set to 50 mm/s. If you have any trouble then set it lower.
  • Buid plate adhesion : Skirt
  • Raft : No

Step 2: Break-in

We have to do the post printing break-in process. Break every link several times forward and backward because it defenitely stick to each other at printing time. Well, now you have a flexible bookmark after break-in process.

Step 3: Inking

This is made based on standard 3 mm disposable ballpoint pen that is commonly used at school or office. Pick any used pen because we will cut the reservoir to 50 mm long as my bookmark pen was made.

Simply slide the ink reservoir into the bookmark pen. Roll it up and you are ready to write. You can also try any other position for your best ergonomic holding and writing.

Step 4: Just in Case

In case you are afraid that the ink will streaks other stuffs inside your bag, you can pull the ink reservoir out and put the pen tip inside ^_^

Step 5: Optional

If only you love the shape or the ergonomic or simply its unique, you can scale up the Y axis in your slicer app to 270% to hold the whole ink reservoir without cutting.

Just another fun stuff to print and play when you feel bored. I printed one for every kids with their favorite colors and they just love it (^_^ )

P.S.: The links won't hold forever. As this bookmark is designed 2 mm in thickness, the linkage is less than 1 mm and they will break on frequent bending.