Introduction: Tip 101: How to Travel With Your Friends Money

I recently graduated from a school in Boston and I wanted to go for the graduation ceremony with my boyfriend, Road Trip style! As we live in Texas, we needed some funding to afford little things like gas or just a place to crash... Or drinks in cool places, right?

But how could we ask for this without making it sound like we were begging our friends for money? First of all, graduation was a time to celebrate, so we hosted a backyard party and then waited for the sweet cash to come to us $$$.

Stay with me, this works!!!

Step 1: Find Friends

If you don't have any friends, find some friends. If that doesn't work, don't attempt further steps, you might ended up having a sad sad day.

Be nice, bubbly, funny and you will find some friends. Or you can be grouchy and pissed at the world and still find some dark friends if that is your style.

Remember, having friends is very important for accomplishing this instructable.

Step 2: Collecting Memories

Once you know who are going to be your party peeps, think about things you have in common or what have you done together to get a better shot on sympathizing with them and get that sweet money.

For example: Going to a concert together are the kind of memories that will get you closer to get your friends money. Keep that on mind while working this through. Also research what would you like to do during your road trip, which states, cities, towns would you like to visit and things to do. Put it on a list and figure out how much money every thing/item will cost you?

For example, my car is fueled with $30, so a few items were based on that, or while at the gas station why not get beef jerky and a coke for 5 bucks. In that way you get a variety of items that your friends can choose for.

Step 3: Extra Step

Invite rich friends to get you all the pricey items!

Just kidding. Or maybe not.....

Step 4: Set Up Your Money Maker Page

Set up a tumblr page. Mine was, why Bears? Well, when I met my boyfriend he had a very long beard, and the fact that he is 6'-6" tall, so since then I call him Oso (bear in Spanish). You are welcome for the free Spanish lesson :)

Alright, why tumblr? Because it is easy to use and follow and you can add as much content as you want and use their free templates to accommodate your trip needs.

How to use tumblr

Step 5: How to Catch Your Friends Attention?

Here comes the fun part! Now you have a list of things you want to do, it's time to put them into cute funny doodles that will recreate what you will be doing on your trip.

For example, our final destination was Boston. So, of course we needed to eat lobster on the seaside so I drew a lobster as close as I could get, it wasn't perfect but we all get the idea.

Do that with all the items (for better layout, try to make them the same size) on your list, then scan them and save it on your computer.
Side note:

I have some failed attempts on drawing waffles for breakfast, so I had to write things like "this is a waffle" next to my doodle, and that made it less serious, more personalized and cute. Everybody loved that! They thought it was very original.

Step 6: Set Up a Paypal Account

Have or set up a paypal account to receive the money easily. And copy a donation link to use with every doodle. Don't forget to click on the leave a message setting so you know what you are getting money for.

Step 7: Let's Make the Money Maker or in Other Words Build Your Tumblr Page

It is very important to remind your friends to leave a comment with the item they are paying for while making a donation. It can be done on the tumbler info or as a reminder every three or four pictures uploaded.

Now, compile all your drawings and info and upload it into tumblr.

On the theme page, add your own reasons for doing this, mine was a graduation and it was like this:

"My Master of Architecture Graduation is on May 21st and 22nd in Boston, MA and Oso and I are going on a Graduation road trip and we will love for you to be part of it. The road trip fun times will happen with a little help from you guys. I promise to send you pictures of every single fun item that you will help us have during this trip.

I will update this tumblr with road pictures and of course graduation times!! I'll keep an eye daily to track the donations and mark the item that have already been selected. Please add a comment on paypal about the item you are selecting. Love,Bea"

And, don't forget to tell your friends what you are doing with the money on the photo comment area in tumblr post and paste that paypal link I showed you on step #?, so they can choose what they want to give you and pay quickly. The more info you get them, more money will come your way.

This is what I did: Boston drawing >>> "To put some quarters on the binoculars for $2 bucks.
To pay for pretty views and fun times, please use Paypal here!!! Picture will be sent :)"

Step 8: Host the Party While Money Is Being Donated in Your Paypal Account.

So now, you just have to be the hostess of your own party. Just pinterest "how to plan a party?" and the rest is history.

Just kidding, there's a lot of work when you host a party but it is worth it and enjoyable.

Gather with your friends and have fun. Don't feel anxious about not getting it from the beginning. On my experience, most of the guests wait until last minute to put the money in.

You will be receiving money until last minute and everybody will be happy at the end. You give them a nice party and they give you some money to enjoy your trip! I recommend sending a picture when you get/do something that your friend payed for, in that way you can share your experience on real time and your friends will appreciate it. After I got back from vacation, I even printed some photos and mail it to them just because they were great friend and gave me a lot of fun.

Step 9: Thank Your Friends!!! Social Media Exists

Don't forget to thank your friends and upload all your trip pictures in the same tumblr for the memories.

Hope you make a lot of money for your trip/vacation.

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