Introduction: 3D PRINTED Treasure Pen Cup With Secret Container ;-)

Enjoy with this very discreet hiding place !!!

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Step 1: Story of Treasure Pen Cup - Secret Container


This is my contribution to be participate at the INSTRUCTABLES HIDING PLACE Contest.

1) Story for this object creation :

This is an invention drawn from my experience manufacturing accessories for illusionists and the legendary "double bottom", that is what inspired me ... Its usefulness is to hide in the double wall this pencil holder, a few important papers, some numeric supports like SD Card and USB Keys or banknotes to protect them from unwanted visitors. The underside of this item, is closed by a cap screw it takes to access content "secret", and unscrew to close (inverted screws and conical section to further confuse the issue). I have taken particular care to its relatively simple design. You can also use it as a small flowerpot or empty pockets.In the work of Maurice Leblanc, an important Parchment conveted by Arsène Lupin, is hidden in the head with a cane, on a principle similar to the object that I propose (See "Le Bouchon de Cristal" by Maurice Leblanc).

2) Contributions of 3D printing: - Mechanical constraints that would have made its production almost impossible by other methods (On a lathe, finesse walls very difficult, followed by a step and inverted conical screw on a low amount of material / Divesting difficult due to the many internal-external relief angles, very expensive design of the set of molds for the injection, however, if it was feasible). - Thinness of the two walls for the presence of the secret cache, without that it's too easily detectable.

Step 2: 3D Print the 3 Parts

3D print the 3 following parts :

* treasure-pen-cup-main-body-1.stl

* treasure-pen-cup-screw-cap-2.stl

* treasure-pen-cup-secret-key-3.stl

You can contemplate your own 3d printer accomplish this wonderful job use an online services like :

Print a Thing ( ), 3D Hubs ( ), TreatStock 3D Printing Network, (, Shapeways ( ), Sculpteo ( ).

I used my Vertex k8400 by Velleman (

3D Printing Tips :

For a good result, I used those parameters :

Nozzle : 0.35mm or 0.4 mm

Infill : 33 %

Layer size : 0.2mm high

Wall Thickness : 2 shells

No raft, prefeer a brim (10mm)

No supports : The supoorts are drawn. In the Slicer, just put the object verticaly on the same orientation than used when you will arrange your pens. Remove thin supports with little pliers.

PLA : 212 °C or 3D Taulman T-Glase : 230 °C (needed if you want to water your plants) !!!

Step 3: Assembly Your Treasure Pen Cup ;-)

Hide money, important document papers, USB keys, SD and microSD cards, ...

Assembly your Treasure Pen Cup, and unscrew to close (inverted screws and conical section to further confuse the issue). You can handly begin the unscrew movement and finish with the key. Continue until the cap plane is perfectly aligned with the bottom of the main part of the pencil pot.

Step 4: Put It on Your Desktop !

You just have to put it on your desk and install some pencils or brushes by adding a pair of scissors, a stick of glue, etc ... to make it as innocent as possible. You can used it as a cactus or plants pot or as a empty pockets cup.

Put the secret key on your house or car keychain to take it everywhere with you.

Be quiet, this object is particularly careful on the secret content you have entrusted to it !

Step 5: Openning the Treasure Pen Cup ...

Open the Treasure Pen Cup with the key part : screw it takes to access content "secret" ... ?-)

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