Introduction: Triangle Robot

Hi All,

In this instructable, I will share, how to make a simple robot at home with a dc geared motor. This project can be used to introduce simple robotics to kids

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

  • DC geared motor
  • 9V Battery and connector
  • Cardboard
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Skewer or toothpicks
  • Superglue
  • Cutter
  • Soldering iron

Step 2: Prepare : Cardboard

  • We need 4 equilateral triangles with 8cm sides and a rectangle with 5cm x 8cm
  • I have used box cardboard, which is thick
  • Drill holes on the triangle at 1cm from each corner

Step 3: Prepare : Popsicle Sticks

  • Cut 6 pieces popsicle sticks of 2.5cm in length each ( cut few extras, just in case )
  • Drill a hole 0.5 cm from the edges
  • Glue toothpicks on popsicle sticks, on one hole only
  • Let this dry for few hours, donot rush

Step 4: Body

  • Superglue two triangles and rectangle as shown
  • Add support to avoid the triangles bending or moving away from the intended position

Step 5: Assembly

  • Superglue two toothpicks on the motor
  • Fix the motor in the body, such that the toothpicks can move easily
  • Add toothpicks rails, all these should be easy to move, with minimum wobble and friction
  • Add the popsicle arms as shown, all arms should make an equilateral triangle to match the holes on the triangle
  • Glue the arms in place and leave it to dry
  • Make sure you stick the rails and arms not the cardboard

Step 6: Testing

  • Add battery and test
  • Give it to your kid to play


  • Make sure that the cardboard does not get stuck with the toothpicks rails or arms
  • There may be friction between rails and carboard
  • Replace battery based on motor