Introduction: Pyramid Slingshot

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Inspired by the various Viking Catapult designs, I decided to create my own version using the set of materials for all of the other STEM Inventions projects! It's fast and easy to build and super fun to launch!

You can find the lesson plan, 1-page project sheet, and more project ideas at

Step 1: Materials

The Engineering Creation Kit has everything you need for this project and many more from STEM Inventions.

9 skewers

3 rubber bands

1 plastic cup

Projectiles, either corks or balls of tape

Masking Tape (Dispenser)

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Step 2: Make the Frame

Tape three dowels together into a triangle. Repeat to create 3 triangles, then tape those together to form the pyramid.

When forming the pyramid, tape the triangles together near the corners for a sturdier structure.

Step 3: Add the Rubber Bands

Tape three rubber bands onto the frame as shown.

Step 4: Tape on a Cup

Tape the rubber bands evenly around the edge of the plastic cup.

Then wrap a second layer of tape around each connection to ensure the rubber band doesn't rip through the tape.

Step 5: Aim and Fire!

To fire

  • Load your projectiles
  • Place one hand onto the frame to hold it in place
  • Pinch the cup with your other hand, pull back, and release!

Step 6: Safety, Tips and Troubleshooting

Caution! This project can be dangerous! Be sure to reiterate that no one should ever aim the slingshot at another student or something breakable.

  • This design is very simple with a lot of room for modifications. Can it be made smaller? More rubber bands? Can something sticky be added to the bottom to prevent the slingshot from sliding around? What is the best projectile? Encourage your students to experiment and think of improvements!
  • If you are confined to an indoor area, set up a designated launching zone. Have students take turns firing, or have everyone fire at once and retrieve their projectiles at the same time. Setup safe targets to encourage students to aim at a designated area.