Introduction: Tricky Fix a Broken Fan (the Poor Way)

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Hello everybody, here's how I fixed a broken fan I got in such a tricky but efficient way!
I hope you'll appreciate, and, if so, vote me in some contest!
Thank you!

Step 1: The Initial Situation

Here how the fan was before completed this guide.
It's useless because it can't be used being pending, and it risks to be broken suddenly.
Let's see how to solve this problem!

Step 2: Ingredients

This is the poor way to make a fan working great again.
What we need is what is shown in the photo:

  • an empty plastic bottle (I used a juice one): it has to be as cut as shown in the picture;
  • some polystyrene;
  • a pair of scissors;
  • some paper scotch tape;
  • other plastic scotch tape.

Here we go! ;-)

Step 3: Let's Repair!

Give stability to our broken fan body, fixing it with paper and plastic scotch tape.

Insert the cut plastic bottle like shown in the photo.

At this point, start to fill the space between the body of the fan and the cut plastic bottle with polystyrene.

Step 4: Let's Complete Our Masterpiece!

When the bottle is full of polystyrene, let's close the space between bottle and the fan body by fixing them with paper and plastic scotch, all around the bottle.

Step 5: Let's Refresh!

Et voilà, the fan is fixed: as you can see in the video, the fan body turns correctly and the fan can be finally used for what it was invented.
If I refreshed your day, vote me for contests, thank you!
Have a nice day! :-)

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