Introduction: What Am I Hiding? (Italian Pun)

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<<Non c'è? No, c'è!>>
<<Is there not? No, there is!>>

Here where it came from the idea of this easy instructable for the hiding places contest!

The italian translation of "walnut" is "noce", but this has the same pronunciation of "non c'è", that means "there isn't"; in addiction, "is there not?" also is translated with "no(n) c'è?"... so here is where my insane brain bears a walnut as a place for hiding some little thing, or carry with you some little precious thing without being easily noticed, even recycling a nutshell, something that it not too easy to use in other ways! ;-)

So, an easy idea accessible by everybody, with a little documented procedure just for the sake of it, here's the idea that is important, and I think that's almost impossible to think about a place like this to search something, why not, also precious, like a ring.

If you like the idea, vote me for the contest, thank you! :-)

Step 1: Ingredients

1. A walnut;
2. A knife;
3. Highly resistant glue

...and something little enough to fit into a walnut! ;-)

Step 2: Let's Empty and Fill!

The image shows that in a walnut i put:

• A 10 euros banknote;
• A 50 eurocents coin;
• An important password;
• The meaning of life.

Surprise someone with an hidden gift in a walnut, or hide something very important for you in a way very difficult to discover, using something that you've had to throw away otherwise!

...and after eating the walnut fruit, remember to vote me for the contest if you liked it!
Thank you!

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