Introduction: Trilobite Knot Keychain

Step 1: Finding the Supplies

Paracord 5 ft for 2 colors

Step 2: Putting It on the Tape

Put the 2 same size paracord ropes end two end find the middle by making the opposite 2 end to meet. Put that middle on the tape

Step 3: Lay It Out

Lat it out as I did so. Color : other color : color : other color

Step 4: Starting the Weave

Start knotting your rope

Step 5: Do the Weave

Start one of the cords and make it go up the under 1 over 2 and under 1. Do the opposite for the next one. Go up then over 1 under 2 then over 1. Make sure both colors CROSS.

Step 6: Other Side

Here's a picture of the other side

Step 7: Tips

Light both of the ends to make it easier to weave it . CAUTION CAN GET VERY HOT. I am not responsible for any injuries.The sticker tape the better. If you do the rope that is going under the 2 ropes he easier. The ropes have to cross each other.

Step 8: Repeat

Keep repeating the process without doing the knot. Be carful not to twist the cords

Step 9: Tie It Off and Cut and Light

Tie it at the end. Cut the part you were weaving with and tuck it in the last weave. Using a lightest link them together. Cut the long part at the bottom and link that

Step 10: Adding It to the Keychain

Open the part of the keychain and stick the 2 ends it. Keep sliding it down until it locks in. (Feel free to add a monkey fist that I showed how to do to).

Step 11: You Are Done

Enjoy attach it to a backpack as an idea.

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