​Tripod Quick Release Table​

Introduction: ​Tripod Quick Release Table​

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Tripod Quick Release table

After you have printed it is easy to complete.

• Shopping list:

• 6 pcs small Screws / glue Plate that fits your computer Possibly.

• 4 skt felt pads or rubber pads

• Large rubber bands or whatever you have to make sure the computer does not falls offs

Print with 22 tio 26% fill to gain god strength

I have tested the PLA and it is durable enough - just beware not to over tighten the mount will split.

PPT is a strong alternative and super easy to print

Step 1: Designed in Tinkercad

The design / construction is made using https://www.tinkercad.com a very easy 3D design program that is web-based and free.

Step 2: 3D Print

Then printed in a 3D printer - Ultimaker 2 - filament type PET a highly flexible plastic material.

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