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Hey, this Instructable is about how I built a custom TV stand with a second layer for a soundbar. It's my first piece of furniture and made from oak wood. Enjoy reading & watching! Let's go!

Step 1: Make a Plan

First I made a plan where I could measure all the angles and from where I knew what pieces of wood I need. I luckily got them cut in smaller pieces since I don't own a workshop where I could make this myself. These measurements are planned to hold a 50" TV screen. For bigger screens and a higher stand the measurements would need to be corrected. Also the TV is screwed to the top using custom spacers. For building this TV stand it should be a TV that has the ability to do it that way. For using the wall mount on this stand there would be needed also design changes.

Step 2: Mark Wood & Cut It

I wanted my first furniture to be something very special. So I ordered pieces of oak wood at a wood store. They got already planed. For this TV stand I needed two top pieces and three leg pieces.

I used the plan to mark all pieces. It took some time but it's definitely worth it to be exact and take time for this.

After that I cut all pieces. I used different types of saws and always took the time to measure and fix a guide so the cuts are nice. Also some cuts couldn't be made by the machines I borrowed. This is where I used hand tools to cut the wood.

Step 3: Refine the Cuts

On the joints I left over some more wood while cutting. I thought a hand saw can't be that accurate, so I refined the cuts with a chisel until the pieces fit together like I show on the second picture of this step.

A tip that helped me a lot here: Don't try to remove all the material at once. Go in small steps until hitting the mark.

Step 4: Drill Holes for Dowels

Next the holes for the dowels need to be drilled. I used a hand drill for that while trying to make a perpendicular hole with the help of a little jig. If you have the access to a drill press, better go with that. I found this step very hard because it's a very important step. So I also took the time.

Step 5: Refine Cuts That Didn't Went So Well

If you din't screw up the long cuts like me you don't need this step. I did, so I used sandpaper to remove cutting marks from the handheld circular saw I used.

Step 6: Make Holes for the Connection to the TV

The original stand of this TV is build up from two pieces. I removed the lower one and then measured the spaces between the screws and made marks on the top of the stand (it's put together for a dry fitting in the second picture). This is where the holes need to be drilled. Also there where different spaces between the wood and the plastic of the original stand. So I also measured these and build custom spacers ( like washers) to fill the space between the two pieces for stability reasons.

Step 7: Glue Up

Use glue and dowels to put the pieces together. I used some waste material that is glued on with double sided tape to make parallel lines that give the clamps hold. Also I glued one leg at a time.

Step 8: Fill Gaps

I collected some of my saw dust and mixed it with wood glue and used this to fill up the little gaps between the pieces.

Step 9: Sanding & Oiling

Next I used sandpaper with different grid to get a smooth and nice surface. I slowly moved up to fine sandpaper. After cleaning the sawdust I used mineral oil to finish the piece. Depending on how thirsty the wood is this has to be done several times. Let it soak in for a time and clean the left over oil then.

Step 10: Finishing

Finally I could screw on the Oak TV Stand to my TV using the spacers I talked of earlier. I tested this with trial and error until the TV had a upright stand.

As a final step I added some felt pieces at all legs.

Step 11: The Final

Now it's all done! Enjoy the new view and take some time to relax after all that hard work ;)

I hope I could inspire you to make or design your own TV stand! For more inspiration have a look at my YouTube Channel. I hope to see you soon!

What do you think of my first piece of furniture?

Julian :)

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