Introduction: Tron Molding Prototype

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I recently bought a house, I didn't like traditional molding. Sure it is pretty, but I wanted something that was original that no one else has done. I didn't want what someone else had in their house, So I came up with this prototype around one of my doors. Keep in mind that this is a prototype/Experiment. This is how I did it so you can come up with your own, better way of doing this.

I used:

-Foam sheets with a sticky back

-Tape measure

-El wire w/ battery pack

-Acrylic paint

-Super glue

-Hot glue

Step 1: Pick Where to Place

I decided to try it by my bedroom door instead of at the base to try this. I was trying some other things is why the wall is white lol. I recommend primer or painting a color underneath.

Step 2: Cut Pieces

Measure how wide you want your molding and make pieces as shown in picture for the wire to travel though

Step 3: Stick to Wall

Plan it out a little on floor first.Now stick to wall. Based on how well you paint, you might want to paint it before or after you stick it to the wall

Step 4: Painting

This is kind of a crude picture, had to do these with my cell phone. It takes 2 coats of acrylic to paint the desired darkness for what I was doing

Step 5: Let Dry and Run El Wire

After the paint is dry take your El Wire and slowly super glue a little at a time in the crack you have made. Make sure to take you time cause if you go to fast you might super glue it to yourself like myself.

After the wire is ran, I went back and did little paint touch ups. You can also ad little decor pieces depending on you take on the project.

I took the battery operated box and hid it within the black top of the doorway, that way I can push the button for on and off for the prototype. For the main event I would recommend Attaching it to a real power supply and switch. It lasts for about 2 days on battery power

Step 6: My Finished Product

In the end, my idea turned into this, I really like the way it turned out. I am going to stick with the foam in the future and use a fiberglass coating to seal it. This tron inspired molding really is great for my personality.

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